Let’s get this right…

Susan Foxall Ceremonies

Are you being told by your venue that the only option for your ceremony if you don’t want a church service is to have the registrar come out?

This is inaccurate and misleading, because there is a third option – choosing a Celebrant to create a truly bespoke ceremony, as unique as you are, and with no restrictions.

So please don’t be told what you ‘must have’ – this is your day, your vows, your money!! – have it your way.

If your venue tells you that they ‘don’t use celebrants’ then ask them why not?

Celebrant weddings help the venue too, in more ways than one. All your guests are relaxed because there is no time pressure, so they enjoy a drink before the ceremony; you’re relaxed too, also because there is no time pressure, and because you don’t have to have that scary last minute ‘interview’ with the registrar – someone you’ve never met before, (separately I might add – yes really!) moments before you walk down the aisle in your finery.

A celebrant can bring so much to your ceremony – all your guests are there to hear you exchange your personal vows to one another, to see you ‘tie the knot’ with a hand-fasting, or share the Loving Cup, in the true open air, at whatever time you like, with a religious reading added if you follow a faith – none of which you can have without a Celebrant. We work closely together for months so we really are friends by the time you walk up the aisle. Without the ceremony, this is just one expensive party, so, research this, choose wisely, choose an expert (that’ll be me then 😊 ) and you and your guests will be talking about this unique, bespoke and meaningful ceremony for months after the big day.

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