Spending your wedding budget

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There are so many demands on your wedding budget, that you could be forgiven for forgetting the one reason that all your guests are there. Yes, of course you want a beautiful venue for them – and you two – to enjoy. Naturally you want sumptuous food, glorious flowers, and fantastic photographs. Not to mention the dress, the cars, the cake, the music… the list can seem daunting and endless if you’re to do justice to your special day.

But… go back to that question – exactly why is everyone coming? Are they going to spend all day admiring the flowers, or strolling around the grounds? Are they there to take in the architecture or the decor? Yes they will do these things for sure, and these things are super-important, but they are not the main reason that’s got everyone dressed up and looking amazing – it’s to see you get married, it’s the ceremony.

So, if you’re spending your money on all the ‘must haves’ to make your wedding day one to remember – then don’t lose sight of the fact that, with the right Celebrant, your venue and the flowers, food, gardens et al, won’t be the only thing they are talking about for months after the day is over. They can be completely hooked on the bespoke words carefully crafted by a Celebrant. They can be caught up in the vows you say to each other that didn’t come out of a book or from a pre-written template. Carefully written after meeting with the two of you, developing a relationship together so you feel confident and reassured; weaving in beautiful symbolic elements such as a hand-fasting, a sand ceremony or a Unity Candle ceremony.

Unique and personalised vows that you absolutely will not find elsewhere; the option to have your ceremony outside, at any time, and in any location, with any content you wish for – only by choosing a Celebrant.

Look carefully, as with many things, there are many varieties of celebrants. Choose someone who resonates with you, who ‘gets’ you quickly, and who makes you feel that you will be guided every step of the way, from that first meeting to seeing a friendly face at the top of the aisle.

Get in touch for more details, and book your first free no-obligation meeting to find out why you should be allocating a chunk of that budget on getting the ceremony of your dreams.

What are you waiting for! 🙂