Destination weddings

The idea of getting married abroad might be the last thing on your mind, but have you really thought about it?

There are many good reasons for considering it.

If you are planning your honeymoon, then you are jetting off somewhere anyway, so why not solve the problem of which venue, how much, choosing menus, hiring all the suppliers, and simply get hitched at your dream destination?

There are a host of fabulous locations, with warm sunny weather guaranteed, where you can get married on the beach, in a chateau, in beautiful woodland or countryside – the list and possibilities are endless.

There are some legal considerations of course (aren’t there always, yawn) 🙂, but once you’ve chatted to me about your plans, you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought about getting married this way before.

Take a look at the Destination Weddings page here and get in touch for a no-obligation chat – go on, what are you waiting for?!

Destination Weddings

UK English Speaking Celebrant for destination weddingsThe trend for getting married abroad is growing in popularity. Many couples are choosing to say ‘I do’ with a Destination Wedding to a favourite place, or to combine it with their honeymoon. What a lovely way to get married, and then stay on after your family and friends have gone home, enjoying your time together in your dream location. There are different ways to approach this so read on….

Every country has its own laws regarding marriage legalities. Often there is a mountain of paperwork, or you find you have to be resident in that country for a minimum number of days before you can get married there. Sometimes you have to visit the embassy on arrival, and produce paperwork. If this doesn’t faze you, great!

Other considerations will be whether you’re happy to have whichever officiant they have available on the day. You are unlikely to meet this person beforehand, and there may be a language barrier – but, you’ll be relieved to hear, there is a solution.

You can:
Register your marriage in your resident country in order to comply with its laws, but take your English-speaking Celebrant with you for your wedding ceremony abroad. If you choose to go to America – and who wouldn’t love a beach wedding in Florida? – where I am a legally registered wedding officiant, I will create the ceremony beforehand and then travel to your chosen location and conduct the ceremony for you. The absurd thing is, that whilst I can’t perform the legal bit in England & Wales yet (watch this space!), I can right across America, and your license is 100% legal and valid back here – yes I know, that is absurd isn’t it? Eventually the law will change, but for now, that’s how things are.

Also, for those of you not resident in the UK, but wanting to have your wedding day here, I and happy to offer my services to you if you’re travelling to the UK. I am used to holding meetings on Skype or Zoom so that the whole writing process can be easily conducted until you arrive in the UK.

So, what happens?
I will meet with you before the wedding, discuss your ideas and start putting a travel plan together to make sure I’m there at least one day before the ceremony, to meet in person if our meetings up until then have been on Skype, and to hold a rehearsal if you wish, and if this is feasible.

I’ll create the perfect ceremony for you, with your input, and help you write your vows if you need me to. The ceremony will be conducted in English, but you are welcome to add readings in another language if you wish.

I’ll assist with readings and poems, and you’ll have unlimited email and phone contact throughout.

Your ceremony will be completed, travel booked and all paid for in the UK – total peace of mind.

Charges are dependent on the location, and will include my usual ceremony fee plus travel and accommodation.

A celebrant ceremony conducted by me is not, at this time of writing, legally binding in any country apart from Scotland, Ireland and selected states in the USA. If you thinking of getting married in any other country, for your marriage to be recognised in that country, you must complete the legalities at home before or after your visit to your chosen destination.

I do not source the wedding venue – it is your responsibility to find and book a suitable venue ahead of your wedding date.