Firstly, congratulations on your decision to get married. There are few occasions in life that are filled with such hope, dreams and anticipation as a wedding.

Everyone involved wants the day to be special, unique and memorable. Everything is planned in fine detail – except the words!

If you want your ceremony to be truly unique and individual, then choosing an ancient service from a rigid prayer book, one that’s exactly the same for every couple, won’t be right for you. Selecting Susan Foxall Ceremonies for your day gives you freedom of choice.
This is the most significant part of your wedding day and should therefore reflect exactly who you are, what you want to say to each other in front of your family and friends, and where you want to be – weddings can be held in woodland, by the sea, at a stately home, in your garden – the possibilities are endless.

You can incorporate readings, music and other elements such as traditional handfastings, with braid or ribbon, unity candles or sand, jumping the broom – whatever you want for your day.

When you choose Susan Foxall Ceremonies you’ll have:

  • someone who’ll really listen to your dreams and ideas and bring them to life,
  • interested guests, really listening to the ceremony and engaging with what’s happening,
  • relaxed professional guidance through the whole process.

What happens next?

In spite of the law changing in 1992, which allowed licensed venues to be used for marriage ceremonies, the content of the actual ceremony has remained much the same. These services are uninspiring, lack any flair and don’t allow freedom of expression that the occasion deserves.

What is interesting is that only the DECLARATORY WORDS and the CONTRACTING WORDS have to be said in a Register Office for the marriage to be legally recognised, and the certificate issued to the couple. The rest of the service, including exchange of rings and saying of vows can, take place absolutely anywhere and at any time. Your choice!